Features of Signboards That Talk!

Trends are shaping fast in the domain of signage. If you are a business owner looking for smart, timely and elite services in this niche, you will need to ensure that you are on top of all the available options.

You simply cannot jump into the huge pool of available options without knowing about the right and relevant options for you.

In case, you are not well-versed in this domain, you don’t need to worry as there are reliable and industry smart signboard companies in Dubai that can rescues the situation for you with their expert insights and smart suggestions. Let’s have a look at some of the upcoming trends in the digital and conventional signage domains:

An Amazing 2018 And Beyond

Indoor signage accounts for 72% while outdoor 28% of the market share globally, you need both!

Following are some hot trends that will be witnessed in 2018 in the domain of signage and printing:

  • Mobile interactivity will help one interact with digital signage with the help of mobile devices, isn’t that a fascinating fact?
  • Backed with commercial-grade displays
  • User friendly software and media players to control the messages on signboards.
  • Engaging content
  • Dynamic content integration
  • Smart content scheduling and easy management
  • Monitory and reporting made easy

Aforementioned are the digital trends that will take over the proceedings, let’s have look at some other highly preferred solutions offered by industry specialists in the said industry:

  • External signage
  • Internal signage
  • 3D LED Signage
  • Frosted Films
  • ATM Kiosks
  • Digital Printing
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Approvals from local bodies

The Importance Of Good Signage For Businesses

signage companies in Dubai

Signage plays an immensely important role in the marketing strategies for all companies in the modern world, from new businesses starting out in the industry to large multinational corporations looking to rebrand.

Your choice of signage will go a long way in determining how customers see you and the products/services you offer. It’s worth keeping in mind that for local customers unaware of your business, your sign is the only potential attraction you offer.

Think about all the times you walked into a new store, simply because the store front seemed exciting and new! When it comes to attracting customers, first impressions do matter.

The stats back this up

To better understand this point, consider the following statistics from surveys conducted by various signage companies in Dubai:

  • Small businesses get almost 85% of their local sales (customers within 5 miles) because of their signage.
  • Nearly 80% customers surveyed said they were attracted to a store they’d never before visited, simply because of the business’ signs.
  • Over 65% of these customers actually purchased a product or service upon visiting the new store.
  • Nearly 75% customers said they referred new businesses to other people based on the store’s signage.
  • 68% of those surveyed revealed that they judged a new business’ quality of products or services based on its signage.
  • 60% of all customers said that they wouldn’t visit a store which had a blank front.
  • Another 1 out of every 2 indicated that poorly spelt or poorly designed building signs deterred them from entering a new store altogether.
  • 3 out of every 5 business that changed their storefronts to make them more attractive reported an increase in sales and profits by nearly 10% within the first year.

It’s clear to see how good signage can have an immense impact on a new company’s business prospects. Signs work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unlike other forms of marketing, and have proven to be the most cost-effective method of advertising with regards to sales per cost.

So how do you ensure your storefront isn’t just unique, it’s also attractive?

Tips on designing effective signboards

Signage companies in Dubai recommend the following tips for achieving a creative, appealing look:

  • Keep the message concise and use negative spaces efficiently. Clustered designs are hard to read from a distance.
  • Minimize the text and use graphics and colors to portray important information.
  • You can get creative with the font, but make sure it’s legible. The same applies to text and background colors.
  • You want all elements in the design to relate to your business’ products and services. There’s no use having images of animals and flowers if you run a vehicle repair shop.
  • Experiment with LED signage. This is highly customizable, and gives you the option to display multiple messages in the same space.