Signage is Crucial for Business Success

Advertising plays an essential role in the growth and success of any business organization. No matter it is small or large business empire, every company needs proper marketing strategy having signage as an integral part.

It is owing to the reason that every company wants to make its customers familiar with products and services offered by the company. It is a significant factor in product’s success. Various marketing methods are used for promotion and advertising which are costly.

Therefore, signage is used because it is a handy and practical source to promote business. Not only this, it is relatively inexpensive as compared to other marketing methods.

However, very country depending upon the effectiveness of their market factors, use signage. For instance, signboards companies in Dubai prefer to use technology led signage.

The reason behind using Led signboards and technologically advance signboards is to attract the attention of diverse population. Therefore, trends in signage depend upon the location and market influencers.

Presently, customized signage is in fashion as many organizations are using it to channelize their products efficiently.

Signage is Crucial for Business Success

Marketing Tool: Signage

commercial display used for products promotion

Graphic Displays used to convey commercial information

Awareness building tools used for general understanding

Signage Statistics

Approx. 76% of consumers (8 in 10) visit a store because of signs

Around 75% refer others while getting information from signage

More than 68% believe that signage exhibits products’ quality

Over 50% customers consider poor signage as a proof of poor products

About 67% customers make buying decisions based on signage

Reasons to use Signboards

  • Handy advertising methodology
  • Generate high profits
  • Promote products recognition
  • Establishes brand awareness
  • Aware people regarding promotions
  • Update Brand messages

Latest Trends in Signage

  • LED signage
  • Digital Signboards
  • Touchscreen Signs
  • Technological Fabric Graphics
  • Real-time signage experiences

Take Away: Signage is considered as the backbone of every marketing strategy. So, make a positive impress in the marketing using latest signboard techniques and technology.

How To Design Effective Store Signage

Store signage is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially those that are starting out in a new industry.

Multiple surveys have shown that good signage has the ability to increase a business’ sales by up three times in the first year of its use, and over time, it provides the greatest ROI when compared to all other forms of marketing media.

Designing effective signage, however, can be quite a challenging task. Your designs not only need to be visible and legible in busy marketplaces; they also need to stand out from the crowd and show engaging content that entices consumers towards your store.

This is where investing in LED signage in Dubai really pays off. As the signboard is effectively a screen, you can customize the content however and whenever you like. Just make sure you follow the basics of designing good signage, as shown below.

How To Design Effective Store Signage

Why Signage?

  • Small businesses get over 60% of their customers through signage
  • More than 70% of new customers judge a business’ quality by its signage
  • Good signage increases sales by up to 3x within the first year
  • 68% of customers wouldn’t visit stores that have poor signs or none at all

 Design Considerations

1.      Legibility

  • Keep text equally visible at all distances
  • Avoid use of fancy fonts
  • Ensure visibility at night using LEDs
  • Design for pedestrians and motorists

2.      Simplicity

  • Keep text under 5-6 words long
  • Ensure message is powerful
  • Focus more on images/graphics
  • Use white spaces effectively

3.      Brand Identity

  • Keep a consistent message throughout
  • Use the brand’s color schemes
  • Invest good money in quality designs
  • Try out shapes unique to your products

4.       Sustainability

  • Design using high-quality materials
  • Use LEDs instead of neon/fluorescent lights
  • Get text engraved
  • Protect sign against wind/rain