4 Tips for Using Signage Fonts Impressively

Most UAE brands install visually attractive external signs to gain attention and to influence the buying decisions of their prospective consumers. For this purpose, companies strive to beautify their signs by adding lights, colors and catchy images.

However, the chief purpose of investing in signage, for a company is to convey a message. If it fails to deliver that idea in the right way, its sign loses its worth. It means the message written on signage holds the highest importance – and the font that is used to create it!

The reason is the use of the right font can make the message clear and legible. Otherwise, it might make your signage look like a big board with gibberish written on it.

4 Tips for Using Signage Fonts Impressively

It implies that always pay attention to typography in your marketing campaign. For this purpose, you should opt for the best Outdoor Signage Dubai based company to create and install your business sign professionally. Read on for expert tips for using signage fonts smartly:

4 Tips for Using Signage Fonts Impressively

The biggest challenge for brands is they have to grab attention within seconds through a message. Because onlookers typically have some seconds while passing by the road. So, keep the message short and precise. And follow these font tips to impress your viewers:

Use the Right Type

Firstly, choose a legible font that motorists could see even from a distance as far as 1,000 feet. If you want to pick a stylish font, make sure to choose a font that is understandable for everyone.

The reason is many font styles like Freestyle Script, and Old English are not legible for the general public. So, using them can be a significant risk for your brand.

Choose a Bigger Size

Don’t choose a small font size as it will not be readable for many. Keep the font size bigger to make it more prominent. Bigger font size can also help to enhance the reading time of your viewers.

Moreover, use thicker fonts and pick the letter height in relevance to the distance. For instance, a one inch font will offer readability from 10 to 30 feet and seven inch font will be readable from a range of 70 feet to 210 feet.

Go for Bolder Colors

For higher noticeability, pick bolder colors for your external sign. Use colors that offer high contrast with the background of your billboard. Softer hues and lower contrasts will make the signage look dull and less readable.

Pick a Smart Combo

Choosing a group of fonts for your outdoor sign is a tricky business. The reason is picking more than 3 or 4 font types will create clutter and picking only one font won’t create the dramatic effect that you want to achieve.

So, be careful when making a combination. The rule of thumb is to select only two font types from the same family. For instance, you can apply two different kinds of ‘Serif’ or ‘Arial’ font to create a combination. Just make sure to avoid fusing completely different font styles. Because it doesn’t look beautiful.


To summarize, the success of your external sign depends mainly on the font – other factors like lights, images and colors are of secondary importance. A more readable and understandable font will make the message interesting for the viewers.

So, keep the above given tips in mind for your sign and choose the services of a professional Outdoor Signage Dubai based company to ensure your signage can grab maximum attention and 100 percent results.

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