Five tips to make your retail successful with good signage

How many retail stores are there when you go to the market? You’ll lose count. So what will make yours stand out? Good presentation. Yes, the way you present your brand matters the most. Your retail store will be as successful as you make it look Indulge in creative and out-of-the-box signboards because that is how people recognize your brand.

If you opt for creative signage, you can appeal to the masses, and your retail profits will increase tremendously. Especially if you are running a retail store in a very competitive market like that of UAE, it becomes even more important to make an identity. Thus, as a resident of emirates, you need to hire a company offering services for best sign boards in Dubai for convincing brand recognition.

Your retail store will improve in terms of diversifying your customer base and increasing monthly sales.   This article guides you on creating an impact on your signage.

signboards in Dubai

How to ensure the success of retail stores with effective signage?

To ensure that your signage reaps the maximum benefits for your retail business, you need to indulge in good signage. Thus you need to read up the points mentioned below:

1.      High-quality Sign Boards

When a viewer sees a signboard which is of bad quality, it will reflect that you don’t care about your client’s impression of you. As a passerby, will you ever pay attention to a signboard that looks rough, outdated, or simply a low-quality one?

That is why you need to invest in signage because the impact is bigger than you think. Invest in the right direction by choosing a reputable signage company.

2.      A coherent color scheme

Since signboards are the visual form of presenting your brand color scheme is very important. First of all, choose colors that grab attention and at the same time, are soothing to the eyes of the reader. The colors of the background should go well with the graphics and text.

Professional signage providers will ensure that the color scheme is coherent yet attractive and decent.

3.      Make content easy to understand

Signboards are more effective when they have some useful information. But this useful information must be concise, crisp, and short. Neither should it be too difficult to grasp nor should it have long notes which bore your reader.

Thus you need a reliable signage expert who knows this critical element while designing your signboard.

4.      Make your signboard strategy consistent

When you use signboards for your business, make sure it is not merely at times where you’re offering a package. Keep consistent signage. And bring in new signboards when a clearance sale or any package is coming up. Because you need recognition and promotion all year long instead of just Christmas or thanksgiving season.

Does your retail store signage need an upgrade?

If you are a retail owner in Dubai, you need to up your signage practices. Your business needs to make a name for itself. Hence you can hire a company offering the most creative and high-quality signboards in Dubai to gain maximum benefits. Your good signage ensures the better promotion and even better profitability for your business.

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How to design effective signs for visually impaired?

Signboards are used to enhance the usability of the place from restrooms to prayers rooms and even public transport, but if they are not useful for the people who most need it, then they are worthless. With a large population having vision issues, the signs need to be devised and designed for their best use. The design process might require a lot of thoughts and information, but they definitely will come across when implemented. A number of things should be taken into consideration when designing the signboards for the visually impaired so that they can independently move around.

In case you are contemplating about the design process for visually impaired, then opt out the top-notch services of Signage Dubai so that you can have effective and smart signs. Let the world be a better place for all with your signs.

How to design effective signs for visually impaired

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Reasons Why to Hire Professionals for Billboard Configuration

You have seen many mega boards while moving across the roads or passing through the markets. These signboards are there for a reason, and it will not be wrong to say that the size of signage matters a lot. It is because almost all business organizations rely on signboards for handy advertisement of their products and services.

However, the design, configuration, and placement make a big difference as all these factors have a considerable impact on the targeted audience. Specifically, in a country such as the UAE, business people are required to comply with a few rules and regulations for brands marketing. So, getting a billboard is not just erection of heavy metal material, but it has a purpose to serve!

Every business organization comes up with a specific brand marketing plan when it comes to getting a billboard for their advertisement. It is imperative to look for the latest trends in signage in order to seek compliance with modern tools and techniques. For instance, LED sign boards are getting higher popularity across the world owing to style and benefits.

However, booking a billboard and configuration is not a piece of cake because the individuals must have some expertise in the field. So, it’s better to hire professional signage Dubai based services for appropriate signage design, proper estimations for billboard dimensions and installation. The main reason is that companies should also take care of environmental aspects and security concerns.

Reasons Why to Hire Professionals for Billboard Configuration

Reasons to have outdoor standee for your Restaurant

Business promotion is a crucial requirement for every organization. However, the need becomes more imperative when it comes to advertising restaurants. It is the reason that many business organizations maintain distinctive marketing departments for making advertising plans, strategies and deploy them rigorously. In this regard, signage plays a vital role to promote businesses cost-effectively.

Nevertheless, the significance and scope of outdoor standee can only be understood by the business people who have a limited budget for marketing. However, it is not all about the budget but, display standees also influence the potential customers. It is evident from the fact that more than 50% of potential customers enter into the stores affected by the outdoor signs.

It is undoubtedly the primary factors that many business organizations especially the eatery services providers promote their business through outdoor display standees.  The trends are higher in UAE and other highly developed countries owing to the flexibility of use, impact ratio and affordability.

If you are looking for an inspiring standee for your restaurant in UAE or nearby regions, consider hiring experienced outdoor signage Dubai based companies to get the best services. After all, the more people know about your delicious food deals, the more frequently they would visit to have fun and food at your restaurant!

Reasons to have outdoor standee for your Restaurant


Seven helpful tips for a customer engaging mall kiosk signage

For sure, everyone has seen those innovative and creative carts displaying, promoting and selling products in the malls!  Usually used by crafters hoping to introduce their products in the market kiosks are wonderful ways to attract customers! But are they doing it the right way!

Visiting the many kiosks in the malls of UAE, it’s important to mention how most of them may not have what it takes to attract a crowd! It’s not about the products but more importantly about their signage!  But it’s not a big problem that the ideas for the right mall kiosk signage can’t fix.

The signage for a brand has a “critical” nature, not only because it’s representing the brand but also because the location and its placement hold a lot of meaning! Consider it science! Signage science! And solving this science requires experts in Signage Dubai to get it just right! following article discusses essential tips that can help engage maximum customers when they look at your kiosk signage!


Seven ideas for an attractive mall kiosk signage

Even the dullest kiosks can be made attractive and engaging to the many passers-by, by using the right signage for them. The right signage not only helps stimulate the minds of people but it tends to work subconsciously to create an image of your brand!  That should explain the number of people visiting your brand new kiosk! Use the following ideas to create a kiosk to engage passer-bys

Consider Available space

The space available affects the final deployment of your signage and displays so it’s important to know how much space you can work around with. In the absence of a wall, you may have to consider using a cart or a floor standing kiosk.

Attract the idle

By placing your signage and displays in areas where people are usually sitting idle, you are stimulating their brain and engaging them. They’re sure to visit you kiosk than sitting idle. At a shopping mall, this could mean the benches placed near escalators.

Follow foot traffic

Or let it follow you? Follow the billboard strategy and deploy your signs in areas that tend to have the most foot traffic. Allow passersby to continually be reminded about why they need to visit you. One way to do it is by ensuring that your signs are interesting, catchy and stimulating for the viewers.

Kiosks are usually negligible little stalls which is why it’s essential that the signage compensate for their easily ignorable presence.

Use the right size

 Consider billboards again!  Go large because the larger a sign, there’s a greater chance for customers far away to be able to view it.   Opt for larger signs but ensure that they aren’t so large that the customers have to crane their necks to hurt them! They’ll pass by the next time without even looking!

Keep the lights in check

As height in the mall may change as the day presses on, you need to ensure that your signage is rightly illuminated. This includes preventing too much light falling on your signs as the viewers may not be able to read them. Similarly, during the night your signage may require more light or may go unnoticed.

Cables and connections

 In case your sign requires electrical connectivity make sure you’re all set for that by requesting permission and using a reliable power source.  The last thing you want is investing in the best signage and realizing you don’t have the power source to light it up!

Consider the budget and content!

Lastly but most importantly, consider the budget you will assign to the signage. The amount you spend can have a significant effect on the final product.  A hefty budget can allow you to install signage all around the mall increasing the number of people visiting your kiosk.

This is a given! Content plays an important part in bringing customers to your mall kiosk so the material you use should be catchy, simulating, attractive and pushing your customers to give you a visit!

Take away!

 If you want to ace your signage, you’ve got to hire the best person for the job! Opt for experts in signage Dubai and let professionals take care of the signs! You make sure you’re there to entertain your customers.

How to Buy a Perfect Signboard for your Business

Advertisement and marketing is a need of every business. It is owing to the reason that business organizations seek advantage of developing well-recognized brands. Therefore, various methods and techniques are being used to make a strong brand identity.

Signage marketing is one of the most influential methods of marketing. It is owing to the reason that every organization regardless of its size gets signage for their products.

Further, it has become a must for small and medium-sized business organizations because it is an easy way to attract the customers from near and far locations. Not only this, signboards help in redirecting people especially pedestrians to stop and pay some attention to reading advertised content.

So, if you are one of such organizations, you must get connected with trustworthy signage companies in Dubai to get a perfect signboard for your brand.

Why you need Signage?

It is very simple to say that signboards attract the attention of customers and make them familiar with the latest brand promotions.  However, what effect these have on the customers’ mind can be understood from the following survey conducted recently.

Signage Companies in Dubai

FedEx has conducted a survey to understand the importance of signage and revealed that:

  • Approximately, 58% of the whole customers entered the store just by outdoor signage
  • Around 75% of customers stated that they hear about the promotions when a friend get to know a signboard
  • Approximately 80% got impressed by the signage of the store and made the purchase from there
  • More than 68% of the customers did extensive shopping while their children were attracted by the signage
  • Around 79% of people remembered a brand based on promotions at street signage
  • Approximately 68% of people believed that product quality could be exhibited through their signage

So, it is clear from the survey that signage plays an important role in the progress and promotion of the business.  Therefore, if you are executing a brick and mortar business, you must consider a rigorous marketing strategy based on signage.

Types of Signboards

Signage has become a prime need of every business organization because it gives the organization an edge among other competitors.  Signage companies in Dubai suggested the use of following signboards for business promotion:

  1. Outdoor signage
  2. Indoor signage

However, the material used in the manufacturing and design of signage vary depending on the requirements and budget.  Various types of trendy signage used in business organizations are as given:

  • Plywood
  • Fabric
  • Rock-Carved
  • Painted Glass
  • Laser Cut
  • Punched Metal
  • Metal Lettering and Logo
  • Awning
  • Metal Storefront
  • LED or Neon light

Indoor signboards are used by the business organizations inside their stores to guide the customers. They can be intended to help them in making a selection of the products easy. These signboards are light in weight and usually hang through the ceiling.

There are other types of indoor signage which are used to give the users an insight of instant promotions and saving vouchers.

Appropriate and Trendy Materials used in Signage

Signage industry is extremely broad where a number of material used in signage are as given:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Cloth
  • Foam core
  • Paper


Further, the digital signage uses different material in order to incorporate tech gadgets and wiring stuff.

Getting the best Signage Design

Technically speaking, there are no hard and fast rules for designing a signboard. The industry is extremely dispersed and broad.

So, while selecting a signboard of your own choice, you need to keep your business requirements in mind and other related factors such as environment, targeted audience, and demographic areas.

The following things should be kept in mind while getting the best design for your business signage:

  • The material selected for signage should be chosen based on requirements and budget.
  • The content should be catchy and optimized. It should attract the customers without making them conscious.
  • The targeted audience should be determined first before planning to get signage.
  • The era is of digital advancement; therefore, it is better to go for digital signage for your business.
  • One thing you should keep in mind is that you signage should be minimal is material and optimal in the message or promotion text.
  • In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact signage companies in Dubai to get the best services for your business marketing.

How To Design Effective Store Signage

Store signage is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially those that are starting out in a new industry.

Multiple surveys have shown that good signage has the ability to increase a business’ sales by up three times in the first year of its use, and over time, it provides the greatest ROI when compared to all other forms of marketing media.

Designing effective signage, however, can be quite a challenging task. Your designs not only need to be visible and legible in busy marketplaces; they also need to stand out from the crowd and show engaging content that entices consumers towards your store.

This is where investing in LED signage in Dubai really pays off. As the signboard is effectively a screen, you can customize the content however and whenever you like. Just make sure you follow the basics of designing good signage, as shown below.

How To Design Effective Store Signage

Why Signage?

  • Small businesses get over 60% of their customers through signage
  • More than 70% of new customers judge a business’ quality by its signage
  • Good signage increases sales by up to 3x within the first year
  • 68% of customers wouldn’t visit stores that have poor signs or none at all

 Design Considerations

1.      Legibility

  • Keep text equally visible at all distances
  • Avoid use of fancy fonts
  • Ensure visibility at night using LEDs
  • Design for pedestrians and motorists

2.      Simplicity

  • Keep text under 5-6 words long
  • Ensure message is powerful
  • Focus more on images/graphics
  • Use white spaces effectively

3.      Brand Identity

  • Keep a consistent message throughout
  • Use the brand’s color schemes
  • Invest good money in quality designs
  • Try out shapes unique to your products

4.       Sustainability

  • Design using high-quality materials
  • Use LEDs instead of neon/fluorescent lights
  • Get text engraved
  • Protect sign against wind/rain


The technological advancements the pioneers in the world impact upon us every day have changed the lives as we once lived. From the simple gadgets taking over our lives to the business processes we work through, technology has taken over every aspect of the lives we lead.

One such aspect that has been majorly affected by the evolution of technology is signboard companies with the introduction of digital and LED signage in Dubai.

Today, the digital signage has prepossessed all other forms of advertisement. It comes in all shapes and sizes and dominates marketing strategies of all well-known brands in the world. The technology offers the opportunities to shape the campaign anyway the business desires and benefits the sales immensely.

But is it all good and beneficial? To answer that, we have comprised a list of pros and cons digital signage has to offer:


Flexible Planning

One of the significant advantages of using digital signage is that it allows the brand to plan the campaign and the content without any hard limits.

It takes days or weeks to change the content or display of a traditional signboard, and the effort that goes into it is another matter altogether. Digital Signage, on the other hand, lets the brand flexibly rotate and adjust the content displayed in a matter of seconds and minutes. In fact, digital signage allows the marketer to switch the advertisement displayed based on the time of the day.

High-Speed Operations

As discussed above, it is a slow and laborious process to change the displayed content on a traditional signboard. The process takes at least a few hours, which limits its uses and applicability.

Creative and time-sensitive campaigns are tremendously affected by this. Although some companies try to change the images on a billboard physically, the process is time-consuming and laborious, to say the least. Digital signage solves the issue efficiently by allowing the brand to display endless content on a loop.

This skyrockets the operational speed and opens the gateway to an endless reservoir of creative ideas and engaging campaigns.

LED signage in Dubai

More Impressive

Every day as we drive down a road, we tend to take in a mammoth of billboards, all displaying and advertising their brand, trying to grab attention. Digital signage, however, leaves a far more significant impression on a viewers mind than a traditional billboard.

Creative campaigns displayed through a digital billboard promises to target a more substantial number of audience and drag in more customers. A strategically placed digital signboard has been proven to be more efficient to draw in more customers than a traditional sign.

Short & Simple

A billboard offers only so much space to effectively incorporate your images, your message tagline, your content, and make it immersive at the same time!

Digital signage solves that for the retailers. It gives the marketing time more time to breathe and come up with creative content. Unlike traditional billboards, Digital allows you to change the message quickly if it doesn’t target the audience or doesn’t look as appealing on the big display.

The option to have multiple displays on a loop, allows marketers to design effective, shorter, and more straightforward messages on a single screen. It prevents the overcrowding of the content on the billboard and increases its affectivity.



Being an owner of a digital signboard is a profitable business today, as the cost of having your ad advertised on a digital billboard is monstrous!

The other drawback of having your ad displayed on a digital billboard is the shared space. A single digital sign on the road is usually paid to display multiple ads on a single space. If the time you paid for, for your ad to be displayed is lesser than other ads, the chances are your ad will get completely overshadowed by others. This lessens your chances of targeting your audience.

Too Bright

Although a plus as much as a negative, many people complain that the brightness of a digital billboard is too distracting to cause temporary blindness that can even result in accidents.

The over brightness at night can make people negatively associate it with your brand. This can be solved by adjusting the brightness depending on the time of the day.

Not Environmentally Friendly

Although traditional signboards aren’t environmentally friendly with the amount of junk they produce at the end of a campaign, digital billboards aren’t much better either.

The digital billboards work around the clock, which puts a stupendous load on the energy reservoirs it consumes. This can be solved in the future with the use of solar power.

Need of Expertise

Digital signage comes with its fair share of complications, too many technology constraints being one of them.

To successfully operate a digital campaign, a company needs at least basic IT and tech skills that a brand might not have. This can, however, easily be dealt with by hiring a competent LED signage company in Dubai, that is perceptual at reading customers minds.

5 Great Benefits Of Using LED Signage

Good quality, well-designed signage is extremely important for businesses of all shapes and sizes in Dubai.

Startups get over 50% of their customers from their signage, and it’s crucial that small business owners and entrepreneurs realize the benefits of having a sign up for their brick-and-mortar stores.

If a business wants to go all out on advertising, there’s no better investment to make than on LED signage Dubai. It has the lowest CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) out of all the advertising media and is easily the most cost-effective in the long term.

LED signs also offer excellent flexibility and customizability to users, making them the perfect choice for getting your name out there in the local markets.

LED signage Dubai

A few statistics On Why Signage Is Important For Businesses:
According to studies conducted by FedEx:

  • 80% of consumers went into a store they’d never before visited because the signage seemed attractive
  • 67% of these customers who visited a shop for the first time because of its signage actually ended up making a purchase
  • 75% customers tell someone about a business simply because they were impressed by its signs
  • 68% of customers said that a business’ signs reflected the quality of its products or services
  • 60% of all consumers surveyed said that they wouldn’t enter a store if it didn’t have any signage up
  • A further 50% said that the poorly-designed signs were one of the biggest deterrents that stopped them from visiting a business.

Why LED Signage?

1.      Grab People’s Attention

  • LED signboards are great for creating dynamic displays advertisement displays that catch the eye and deliver tons of information in a small period of time.
  • Multiple research studies have also proven that video content is x4 times more effective at engaging customers than static signage.

2.      Put up unique content

  • One of the greatest benefits of LED Signage is that it gives you the ability to customize the message being displayed whenever required.
  • This means that throughout the day, the advertisement can be tailored to suit different kinds of demographics, e.g. target women and children during the day, families at night.

3.      Remote access

  • LED signboards can be controlled from remote, off-site locations so long as the user has internet access and the required credentials to log in to the system.
  • The ability to operate the sign remotely gives users great amounts of flexibility and control and gives you the opportunity to test out different adverts in specific locations.

4.      Cost savings

  • Contrary to popular belief, LED signs are actually the most cost-effective method of advertising available in the industry.
  • Not only are LED bulbs themselves extremely energy efficient, lowering your energy bills over time; LED signage has the lowest cost per 1000 impressions out of all the methods available.

5.      Longevity

  • Neon and fluorescent light signage tend to fade away over time, diminishing the value of your message and leaving a bad impression on customers.
  • Good quality LED lights can last for up 100,000 hours of use, which is easily 3-4 years more than any other form of signage.

8 Reasons why you should use LED signage

The LED signage became a favourite as soon as they were introduced in the market. It has been used widely by small, medium and large businesses for both promotional and advertisement purposes. It undoubtedly has been benefiting them a great deal. That’s the reason why demand for the LED signage Dubai and elsewhere around the world is increasing even further with the passage of time.

8 Reasons why you should use LED signage

Signage has been used pretty commonly by almost every business for the promotional purposes. LED signage though is one of the best approaches that can provide us the following tremendous benefits.


They are bright. The intensity of LED lights makes them so much shiny and perky.

Long Lasting

The LED lights are made up of non-breakable material that’s why they are long-lasting.

Cost Effective

The LED lights are long-lasting. That makes the LED signage a cost-effective solution.


Your signage board can be updated right back from your computer, that’s its versatility.


They are highly appealing and beautiful because of the vibrant and bright colours.

Less Electricity Consumption

We all know that LEDs consume very less amount of electricity. So, does the LED signage.

Customised Advertising

Right back from your office using your computer, you can customise and update your ads.

Less Maintenance

The LEDs are long-lasting. It makes the LED signage boards require less maintenance requiring.